A 3 Step Process To Stop Worry

A 3 Step Process To Stop Worry

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Most everyone has worried about something in their life on occasion, but some people manage to turn it into a full-time job!

Worry is a state of mind where the same issue goes around and around in an endless loop with no intention of ever coming to an end.

The prime reason we allow it to continue is because we feel that by having the problem constantly in our mind, front and center, it will magically find a solution, and the issue will go away. It’s like we know that, when we find a solution, the worry will evaporate, but we put no effort into actually finding the solution.

Worry can sap all your emotional, mental, and even physical energy, and it will if you continue to give it permission to do so. So, you have to stop giving your permission. But how do you do that? This guide can help!