CBD & HEMP - Everything You Need To Know But Weren&

CBD & HEMP - Everything You Need To Know But Weren't Sure Who To Ask

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Marijuana has been illegal in America since 1937, but there has been a deepening interest in it over recent years. Medical and recreational marijuana has even been legalized in some states, and people are often purporting the many benefits of something called “CBD.”

This shift in American culture can be confusing for some. It has led to a lot of questions like:

  • Why do you now see CBD signs all over your neighborhood?

  • Is CBD the same as marijuana?

  • Why are so many people suddenly interested in it?

This eBook will answer all these questions and more. We’ll take the time to uncover the answers to those burning questions like: Can CBD get you high? Is it legal? Why is everyone talking about it?

And perhaps the most important question: Does it actually help people?

Heres everything youve wanted to know about CBD but just werent sure who to ask.