Criticism: Why It Hurts And What To Do About It

Criticism: Why It Hurts And What To Do About It

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We’ve all been there. You’ve made some plans to do something big. At least, it’s big to you. Maybe you have some big ideas on starting a business or to create the physique of your dreams. Or maybe you want to learn the piano or write a novel. Whatever it is, you’re excited and feel some confidence you can do it, provided you stick with it.

It’s exciting to visualize a goal, to see yourself achieving success at something that’s meaningful and fulfilling to you.

But, after the initial excitement clears, a little doubt and discomfort begin to drift in. You start looking for, and noticing, the numerous obstacles that are likely to block your path. Rejection and criticism become a concern.

Rejection and criticism can’t truly harm you. They can’t cause you physical harm or throw you into a dungeon.

However, anticipating the emotional pain that rejection and criticism can bring can be enough to cause you to abandon your original plans. Returning to your day-to-day life can seem like the more prudent choice.But, a little bit of you dies each time you turn back from the big adventure you planned for yourself.

Discover how to face rejection and criticism and free yourself from their influence. Understand that rejection and criticism are very closely related. Rejection of your ideas, work, or requests is just a harsh form of criticism.

Consider the topics in this e-book as a way to learn more about yourself and your options for dealing with criticism.