How To Disagree Respectfully

How To Disagree Respectfully

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Youve seen it time and time again. A small disagreement turns into a large disagreement. The discussion goes from civil to angry and instead of talking about the difference of opinion, people begin attacking each other personally.

 The concept is simple. If you believe this _____ you must be this (negative adjective) _______.

 Disagreements like this often happen on social media, but they can also happen in person. A conversation that begins innocuously can suddenly turn heated even when both parties wish to avoid a confrontation.

 How does this happen, and how can it be avoided in the future? Why do people disagree with each other so strongly and why do they care what the other person thinks? Most importantly, when an inevitable disagreement arises, how can one remain calm and respectful while still maintaining their position?

 If youve wondered these things, participated in a troubling argument, or felt hurt after joining or witnessing a difficult disagreement, this eBook can help.