How To Negotiate A Raise At Your Annual Review

How To Negotiate A Raise At Your Annual Review

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We’ve all been there: worried about discussing money and our salaries at work.

But the truth is, the longer we work at a company, the more value we provide it. Maybe you started optimizing processes, or you’ve gotten so comfortable in your role that you consistently exceed job expectations. You might have even gotten so comfortable that you have taken on responsibilities outside your job description.

If that is the case, you’re probably ready to negotiate a raise at your job.

It might sound scary, but negotiation is a valuable skill that you will take with you throughout your life. The fact is that although negotiation is intimidating, when done correctly, being able to negotiate can bring you thousands of extra dollars per year.

The first part of negotiation is understanding the value you bring to the company and being able to communicate that value to your manager. The next part is being able to confidently communicate that value you bring to the company.

Try the ways found in this article to prepare yourself to ask for a raise.