Solution Focused Problem Solving

Solution Focused Problem Solving

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Generally, when we have a problem, the focus is on what’s missing - what is wrong. In doing so, we risk getting lost in the deficits, which may lead to more challenges and fewer solutions.

The solution-focused model looks at problem solving from a more positive perspective. Rather than focusing on deficits, the focus is on strengths, skills, experiences, resources, and support.

This problem solving method helps us home in on what we bring to the problem and ways to address it, rather than we are lacking. The problem becomes manageable and the process empowering.

Discover the steps in the solution-focused model and ways to apply it to your daily life. The process lends itself to most issues and the more you apply it the easier it is to use.

Using questions to identify details, you're guided step-by-step to think through your experiences and draw from your repertoire of strengths to address the challenge.

The result is less time focused on the many aspects of the issue and more time actually getting to a solution.