The Joyful Life

The Joyful Life

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Many of us struggle with living a joyful life, yet Christians are inspired to be people of joy.

The words “joy,” “rejoice,” and all their variations occur hundreds of times throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments.

It tells us about joyful people. It speaks of joy being our strength.

We’re told to count certain things as joy that do not sound joyful at all.

Yet there are so many questions surrounding this simple, three-letter word:

● Where does this joy come from?
● Is it automatically bestowed on a person when they put their faith in Christ?
● How can we be joyful when life is wrought with tragedy and struggles?
● Are happiness and joy the same thing?
● How can we live a truly joyful life?

Since the word “joy” is found all throughout the Bible, maybe the scriptures hold the answers to some of these questions.

With this e-book, let’s dig into this little word, see what the Bible says about it, and let our hearts be full of joy as we seek to become people marked by it!

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