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The Lord's Prayer

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The Lord’s Prayer, also known as the Our Father, is arguably the most well known prayer in the world.

For centuries, it has been recited in churches, echoing through the pews of grandiose cathedrals and humble chapels alike.

Whether Protestant or Catholic and regardless of language and culture, it is a foundational piece of Christian liturgy.

For generations, it has been recited around campfires and kitchen tables, families holding hands and whispering its words with heads bowed.

Children learn it this way before they could ever begin to understand the meaning of what they are saying.

They are words that come to men and women in crisis, when death is near, and fear is overwhelming. In bunkers and on battlefields, within the plane that’s going down and beside the deathbed of a loved one, they are words of comfort and peace when all other words fail.

They are words that are so commonly known, so universally recognized, so rote and routine, that most people have never stopped to consider their meaning, study their context, or ask the most basic questions about it.

Where did it come from?
Why do we pray it?
What does it mean?

Many don’t know the origin or purpose of this short prayer, but these fifty or so words are profound, purposeful, even provocative.

They are actually an instruction manual from Jesus himself on how to pray.

In this specially priced e-book, we’ll study the prayer line by line to learn exactly what Jesus is saying.

Let’s get started!